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No Distance Between Us

by Marianne Peel

NDBU is an illustrated collection of poetry written by Marianne Peel and published by Shadeland House Modern Press in October 2021.

This emotional collection of poems takes the reader through a journey to different refugee communities and sharing experiences through incredibly detailed anecdotes.

I saw an opportunity to fragment the interior illustrations, which are later revealed as parts of one larger image on the last page. The intent was to convey feelings of belonging and togetherness, illustrated by pieces scattered throughout the book that relate to certain poems, only to become whole at last.

Under the Ocelot Sun

by Jeremy Paden

UtOS is an illustrated children's book written by author and poet Jeremy Paden, translated by Oswaldo Estrada.


Published in July 2020 by Shadeland House Modern Press, the story takes us through the emotional journey of an immigrant family from Honduras who seek asylum in the United States border. It is a story of sacrifice and struggle, anchored by legacy and love. 

This is my first picture book.

The Peacemakers

by Rebecca Sutter Lindsay

Cover art. This novel was published by Shadelandhouse Modern Press in November 2020.

The Peacemakers is a coming-of -age novel the sheds a new light on an uncommon perspective from the Civil War.

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