Artist's Statement

   Hi, friend. I'm glad you've come to visit. Somehow, despite the convoluted world around us and the congestion of our lives and the never ending traffic on the street, people always seem to make time for art. There are so many forms of it that you will never be bored, honestly. You will always have an artwork that speaks to you; you know, like a poem that sings you of love, or a performance piece that argues with you about the current state of politics, or a painting that screams weird stuff in your face. Whatever it tells you, though, it was meant to be said. Please listen.

   Mine says a bunch of things that I'm not even sure make sense. There's something about self-image, being a Hispanic woman, about living in a Catholic home, growing up in the ever-evolving jungle of Panama City that I need to share. I exist in this body with scars, skin, bumps, bones, fat, hair, blood, allergies, senses--and I don't know why I'm navigating it around the world. Maybe because there is a higher being who is all-knowing and directs the course of human kind, but I'm not sure. So with my art, I try to understand and explain these thoughts about my being through what I have learned from the community around me. Furthermore, my practice explains these experiences from the perspective of a woman, who grew up in a woman-only household, whose role models are also mostly women, etc. My view of the world is different from yours, because of these factors that I'm trying to express through lines and paint.


   On the other hand, I want to challenge those same ideals by contrasting light themes with dark ones, good vs evil, god vs devil, woman vs non-woman; no art is if not a little uncomfortable. Everything in society has a mold; stereotypes exist because people like to know exactly what to expect when they talk to you, in order for them to respond how they've been taught. But art is weird and it gets to do whatever you want, so why not challenge what you know to be true? I want to challenge my womanhood while also celebrating it, wave a fist in the face of the church while relishing in spirituality, throw away my heritage but hold on to it so tightly it feels like I'm going to break--art is a battle of duality for me, of yes and no. I hope the answers are just as unclear to you as they are to me, so we won't ever be alone.

   Art serves as an extension of us, as a manner of coping and understanding our place among other beings, and I hope my work can contribute to your own reach. If any of it speaks to you, please listen to what it says. To me, it mostly recites stories about women and nature and religion and heritage and longing for something beyond the limited capacity of my human brain, but it is not reserved for those things only. If it says something else to you, then that's the extension I'm looking for. In my art practice, I wish to release everything I've ever held on to, gift it to the audience in hopes that you relate, and empathize with one another. That is me, communicating with you.

© made with Love, ANNELISA HERMOSILLA 2019

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